Sunday, February 7, 2010

Learn to Organize

The problems facing our nation are daunting, from the threat of global warming to the staggering prevalence of hunger and homelessness. But, we have the solutions, the numbers, and the resolve to stand up and bring about change.

On campuses across the country, student groups like yours are taking action to build a better world - and you can help make it happen.

For over 30 years our professional staff and student volunteers have worked with students to develop the leadership and activism skills they need to get results.

Find out more and bring a training to your campus:

Our trainings can teach you skills like how to build a powerful group of student volunteers, organize large events, run a vibrant grassroots campaign, and get local and statewide media coverage.

Contact Info:

Krista Dressler

Field Organizer

Student PIRGs

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