Monday, February 1, 2010

Teach at Breakthroughs this summer

Alex Hartley sends in this information about Breakthroughs:

This summer, do something real. Teach Breakthroughs.

“I love the feeling you get after a class in which you have really taught the kids something. The sense of satisfaction that is brought by knowing you have touched a child’s life is one words cannot describe.”--Angela Spitzer, Breakthrough Teacher

Breakthrough Collaborative's 35 sites across the country are looking for undergraduates to teach bright, ambitious and underserved middle school students.

Teaching with Breakthrough is the premier pre-professional teaching experience anywhere, and the most challenging internship of any kind available to undergraduates in the United States.

As a teacher, you'll be asked to plan and teach your own classes under the guidance of professional educators. You'll work long hours, push yourself like you never have before and make a genuine difference in the lives of tomorrow's urban leaders.

Applications (and more information) available at All undergraduates are eligible to apply, regardless of major.

Feel free to contact Alex Hartley, Wesleyan’s campus recruiter, with questions about anything and everything (general questions, application help, information about how the programs are run or what the experience is like, etc) at or (615) 289-1057.

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