Sunday, March 21, 2010

Become a Summer of Solutions Fellow (or volunteer)!

The Summer of Solutions is a program run by Grand Aspirations to train youth leaders to create, implement, and strengthen community-based solutions to climate change, economic recession, and environmental injustice. We bring young people together for a summer to learn not only about the problems of dirty energy, the economy, and environmental discrimination, but also to figure out solutions that create livelihoods for ourselves and our communities. They work to create solutions through energy efficiency, community-based energy, green industry, urban farming, smart design, and more. The program began in 2008 in St. Paul, MN, and has since expanded through our diverse national network to 13 programs nationwide.

This summer, they're running programs in:

Asheville, NC
Austin, TX
Burlington, VT
Cleveland, OH
Corvallis, OR
Dallas, TX
Fayetteville, AR
Harrisburg, PA
Iowa City, IA
Detroit, MI
Santa Fe, NM
Twin Cities, MN
Worcester, MA

For more information about specific programs, and to apply, check out the Grand Aspirations website ( and their blog (

Full-time fellows will spend two months working building their skills as green economy innovators through mentorship with existing solutionaries and hands-on practice in creating careers in sustainable community development. Please apply and/or encourage other who you think may be interested to do so. Apply online at - deadlines vary by programs (see the website), but are typically in March and April for programs that start in June.

This spring Solutionaries will be hosting a blog series featuring 1-2 local programs every week. So check them out on Wednesdays for updates, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for lots of updates about projects running all over the country.

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