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Edition 1 (09-21-09)

The Green Scene is Wesleyan's new environmental newsletter. Look to us for weekly updates on relevant news, lectures, conferences, meetings, and other interesting little environmental tidbits.
*If you have anything you would like included, please submit it to weseon@gmail.com each week by Monday afternoon*

~College Environmental Activist Leadership Conference:
-Hosted by Yale University this Saturday, September 21st, 2009
-Come for panels, workshops, and networking with other college activists
-Wesleyan will be taking a few cars to the conference
-If you are interested, talk to Josh Levine: jlevine@wesleyan.edu
*See attachments about the conference*

Group Meeting Times for the Week:
~Farmer's Market: Monday, September 28th, 5:30PM, PAC 104
~The group meetings are TBA, if you have any interest in attending a group's weekly meeting or learning more about the group's mission, please email the group contacts, which are listed below under meeting minutes

No Climate Change Leader as Nations Meet - NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/20/science/earth/20nations.html?em

Action On Campus!
~Today, 350 hosted a phone-a-thon to encourage politicians and environmental leaders to commit to getting carbon under 350 parts per million

Outside Opportunities
~None known at this time

Job Announcements
~None known at this time

Meeting Summary
*For full meeting minutes, please check the blog @ http://www.wesleyaneon.blogspot.com/ and click "Meeting Minutes"

First of all, we had over 100 people there!!! Amazing turn-out, Wes! The meeting began with a general introduction from the two coordinators, Anne Rosenthal and Josh Levine. They stated EON's mission and goals, as well as introduced the other organizational positions, which are as follows: Social Coordinators: Alex Provo and Emilie Knight, Secretary: Hannah Monk, Webmaster: Melody Chang, and Treasurer: Meggie McGuire. Then each currently existing sub-group/campaign gave a brief description of their work on campus, current goals, and ways to get involved. They are:

SAGES: Sarice Greenstein: em.greenstein@gmail.com
~The Sustainability Advisory Group that meets once a month with smaller sub-committees meeting more frequently. Works closely with administration to implement sustainable initiatives on campus.

Landscaping: Nora Christiani: nchristiani@wesleyan.edu
~Successfully received approval for wildflower proposal last year. Currently trying to implement policies regarding pesticide-use and native plant restoration

Compost: Emilie Knight: emknight@wesleyan.edu
~Currently working towards institutionalization of compost on campus. Would love ideas, energy, and people that aren't afraid to get a little dirty

Roosevelt Institute: Jeff Bizinkauskas: jbizinkauska@wesleyan.edu
~Wesleyan's student policy organization which is connected to other student policy think-tanks across the country.
~They meet with students to help students develop ideas and would like to work closely with EON to turn ideas into policy

Awareness: Leslie Xu: lxu@wesleyan.edu
~Looking to increase education on campus and act as a vehicle for promoting other EON projects. Looking for energetic, creative, and tech-savvy people.

WSA's X-Prize: Ben Firke: bfirke@wesleyan.edu
~Cash prize for the best proposal to reduce our school's consumption of resources. Proposals go to President Roth. They need submissions and help with advertising the contest.

Farmer's Market: Sara Rood-Ojalvo: sroodojalvo@wesleyan.edu
~Occurs every other Wednesday. Looking for people to help with market set-up, advertising, as well as longer-term projects regarding the direction of the market.

Live Campus: Hannah Monk: hmonk@wesleyan.edu
~Concert to raise money for a Millennium Village in Africa. Looking for people interested in music to help screen, select, and contact bands, make and sell tickets, and work the event.

Green Fees: Julia Michaels: jmichaels@wesleyan.edu & Julia Jonasday: jjonasday@wesleyan.edu
~Working on implementing a green fee that tacks onto Wesleyan tuition to create an institutional source of funding for sustainable initiatives.

CT Forest & Parks Association: Annie DeBoer: adeboer@wesleyan.edu
~Works to preserve over 800 miles of state hiking trails that depends mostly on volunteers and members. Want to plan hikes. Need help with education, their website, public relations, film events

350: Juliana Gaertner: jgaertner@wesleyan.edu, Dan Fischer: dlfischer@wesleyan.edu, Aja Mathews: armathews@wesleyan.edu
~350 is a global campaign to raise awareness and put pressure on leaders to commit to reducing carbon emissions to below 350 parts per million. Looking for people to help plan a big event before October 24th. 350 aims to impact the Copenhagen COP 15 UN climate negotiations this December.

Bike share/Rental: Josh Levine: jlevine@wesleyan.edu
~Trying to work with LEGIT, a bike-sharing co-op to improve our transportation on campus

Dining Committee: Anne Rosenthal: acrosenthal@wesleyan.edu
~Works with Bon Appetit to increase responsible practices concerning campus dining. Looking to do a public awareness campaign to reduce water bottle usage and meat consumption

Dan Drew: Miriam Berger: maberger@wesleyan.edu
~Working with WesDems to get Dan Drew elected. Aiming to collaborate with Middletown to pass sustainable initiatives

WesRUM: Alex Provo: aprovo@wesleyan.edu
~Emphasis on ReUsing Materials to keep our stuff within the Wesleyan community.
~Wants to get people involved with tag sales, clothing swaps, Waste Not, etc.

GreenPeace Global Warming Campaign: Nick Boskovich: nboskovich@wesleyan.edu
~Trying to hold a screening for "The Age of Stupid." Aims to put pressure on Obama to be a climate leader at Copenhagen.

Long Lane: Alex Ketchum: aketchum@wesleyan.edu
~Student run organic farm which functions as a CSA involving the Middletown Community. Also donates food to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry. Very welcoming of any and all new farmers and ideas.

The meeting concluded with students signing up for groups and campaigns that sparked their interests.

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