Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't let them kill the Clean Air Act

Last week, thousands of supporters like you joined our call-in day to keep climate strong in the Senate and defend the Clean Air Act. Right now, big polluters and their powerful lobbyists are mounting an attack that could hurt our efforts to pass a strong climate bill this year -- and we need your help to stop it!

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R- Alaska) has just introduced a resolution that will block the Clean Air Act's ability to regulate global warming pollution and crack down on dirty coal power plants.

Protecting the Clean Air Act's ability to crack down on dirty coal is critical to our efforts to pass a strong clean energy and climate bill this year. Unfortunately, Murkowski's resolution has been gaining traction in the Senate this week with senators such as Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA), so we have to act today.

Send a message to your senators today: vote NO on the Murkowski "Dirty Air Act":

Sen. Murkowski received more money from the polluting industries (more than $150K!) than any other lawmaker last year -- and now they're getting their money's worth with a resolution that's tailor-made to protect their profits.

Gutting the Clean Air Act will hurt our efforts to tackle climate change and create millions of clean energy jobs here in the U.S. Don't let big polluters and their supporters in the Senate destroy our clean energy future. Tell your senators: vote NO on Murkowski:

Sending a message will only take a few clicks, but it will make a world of difference in this fight to protect the Clean Air Act and our power to crack down on dirty coal plants. Take action today!

Thank you for keeping up the pressure,

Liz Butler
Deputy Campaign Director, 1Sky

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