Monday, January 25, 2010

Minutes (01-25-10)

We began with some brief introductions; it was great to see some new faces.

These are our first formal elections ever!

~This Friday is Tu B'Shavat services at the Bayit for the birthday of the trees. It's an environmental holiday. There is a feast with free wine! It's open to everyone, regardless of religion. They'll be doing green-related things.
~Middletown began recycling 1-7 plastics. The waste committee of SAGES has been talking about making signs to promote this change. Tell your friends!
-Email Jeff Miller ( to urge him to make the signs!
~The Green Fund (an optional student fee included with tuition to put toward sustainability projects on campus) passed last semester!
-It needs to be passed by the board of trustees still.
~Mocon is still full of stuff. If anyone is interested in coordinating a clothing drive or something of the sort for Haiti, email Alex Provo (
~Wednesday: Wesleyan Democrats are holding elections on Wednesday at 7pm in Usdan 110, and our Dan Fischer is running for president! He will stand up for green initiatives. Go and vote!
~The Green Scene is moving toward blog format! If you have anything you want posted, or any suggestions, email

~A general description of all the various jobs were read aloud.
~We decided to have two social coordinators.
~Josh Levine spoke about everything we accomplished last semester, yay! He wants to continue to make sure EON is cohesive, and a force, in addition to the smaller groups being forces in and of themselves
~Anne Rosenthal spoke about how communication will be key this semester. It's important to make sure everyone knows what's going on. We also need to continue to recruit. We need to prove to them that we are an efficient organization with an amazing structure.
~Hannah Monk spoke about building up the Green Scene and continuing to improve it.
~Melody Chang is going to remain our competent webmaster.
Social Coordinators
~Sophie Ackoff thinks that we need to step up the game for social aspects. We need EON parties, and maybe smaller events like teas or something.
~Adam Rashkoff was very involved in his high school environmental group, and is really ready to throw himself into EON. He is also the Psi U social coordinator, and offers up their support.
Treasurer: ELECTION
~Meggie McGuire was our treasurer last semester. She will help you navigate working with the SBC and even go to the SBC with you!
~Bing wants to get more involved with EON. She doesn't have any experience, but is ready to learn and help!
~Outcome: Meggie McGuire will continue to be our treasurer.

~We need to table this week to promote the Green Scene, our listserv, and our big meetings. A sheet was passed around to record this. There will be a folder of materials at the information desk. Just ask and tell them that you're from EON.

Discussion of Subcommittees
~Dining: Anti bottled water campaign, getting to the bottom of all the money spent on compostable utensils. If you have any dining related concerns, even if they aren't EON related, email Anne (
~Waste NOT: If you're interested in recycling/reusing materials, and redistributing stuff through free markets and such, email Alex (
~Compost: Drafting a proposal to institutionalize compost. If you're interested, email Emilie ( We have no structural support from the administration, so we are wasting our time until we get that help. If you want to rant about the compost system, it would be helpful to show the student body's support. They are going to try submitting it to the X-Prize.
~Get involved in a SAGES subcommittee! SAGES meetings are once a month, Wednesday mornings at 9!
~Sophie wants to create a group on campus that opens the dialogue about food politics, if you're interested in getting this started, email her at (
~Melody was talking about doing some kind of outdoor festival, coinciding with the farmers market, If you're interested in learning more about food systems and food sources, email Melody (
~350 is continuing their awesome work protesting and lobbying. There's lots of opportunity to get the candidates that are writing policy listening to us. They will probably be working with "Show Me Democracy" this semester. It's important that all the other groups are in touch with the 350 group, so they can help promote our causes and vice versa. If interested, email Dan (
~Green Fund is working on writing the by laws and such, so if you want to help, email

All EON meeting next week! 9pm in Woodhead Lounge! Be there, because there will be cookies!

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