Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eco-Informatics Summer Institute (EISI) for summer 2010

Eco-Informatics Summer Institute (EISI) for summer 2010: Call for Applicants!

The Eco-Informatics Summer Institute (EISI) ( will be held from June 14- August 20th, 2010, at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest ( in the beautiful Oregon Cascade mountains. Please view/print attached brochure for more details.

Eco-Informatics, an emerging discipline, integrates mathematics, computer science, statistics, and engineering with the study and management of ecosystems. Through a ten-week undergraduate/early graduate research experience, the EISI will provide interdisciplinary training for young scientists to help manage ecosystems in our technologically sophisticated, globalized world.

Through the integration of research and education, effective mentoring, and hands-on experiences at the HJ Andrews, fifteen participants will gain:

1. valuable research experience in Eco-Informatics and in their own disciplines.

2. the foundation and opportunities to develop and seek support for their own graduate program, including a peer-reviewed research proposal.

3. the training to become outstanding interdisciplinary scientists and effective contributors to the science and management of ecosystems.

Participants will receive:

1. a total stipend of $4,000.

2. travel, up to $500, for transportation to the Summer Institute will be provided to participants.

3. free lodging at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest.

4. 3 meals per day for the first and final weeks of the program.

5. the opportunity for down time and group activities such as white water rafting.

For more details and application, please go to:

The application deadline is February 13th, 2010

If you have any questions, please e-mail

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