Friday, April 16, 2010

Panel on the Present and Future of Sustainable Foods

This panel will discuss the challenges and successes associated with small-scale local food systems and independent food stores versus large-scale industrial organics and corporations such as Whole Foods. We will also discuss the difficulties of incorporating sustainably grown food into university food services. Panelists will include local food activists like Doug Peterson, a former owner of a health food coop and current produce buyer for the Whole Foods in Milford, CT, and farmers from our area. The panel will be moderated by Courtney Fullilove, Assistant Professor of History.

Date: Sunday, April 25
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Usdan 107 or 108 (TBD)

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  1. Hey everyone-

    The panel will be in Usdan 110, and will also include Michael Strumpf from Bon Appetit, John Turenne from Sustainable Food Systems, and local farmer Dave Zemelsky from Starlight Gardens. Hope to see you all there!